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So Priestly and Dinah, being untraditional in all of the things, hadn't actually gotten around to celebrating their one year anniversary on the actual day.

Or the day after the actual day.

Or the few weeks after the actual day.

Whatever, they weren't about that kind of thing. They were all about casual and cozy and just being awesome together. Still, there was nothing wrong with celebrating their casual, cozy, awesome togetherness lasting without major upset for more than a year, right?


Also, Tia and Mark were both planning to be out of the apartment for the night, and Priestly had gotten himself a fancy new toy he'd been wanting to try out. He gave Stevesie a treat ball to play with, tucked him away in the bedroom, parked Dinah at the kitchen island, and started setting up his mise.

"We should have music," he said. "Something to set the mood. Any ideas?"

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Priestly woke up slowly and blinked sleepily at the ceiling of the hotel suite. It was nice and dark at the moment, only little bits of sun peeking in around the drawn curtains, so he wasn't sure yet if he had a hangover. How drunk had he gotten last night? He really liked champagne.

He turned his head and looked at Dinah, just starting to wake up next to him. He wasn't usually the one to wake up first, but hey. This wasn't Fandom. It wasn't the end of a weird weekend. They'd been entirely themselves last night, just drunk on champagne and romance. That might have been a first. He wasn't sure. He'd lost track of their hookups over the years.

When Dinah woke up, they'd play-by-play it, laugh at themselves, and marvel that at least they weren't on the beach or in a warehouse. They'd suffer the teasing and curious questions from the shippers -- he was pretty sure they'd escaped upstairs before any hanky-panky started, and this was New Gotham, not Fandom, so there were no squirrels reporting on anything. She'd go back to detecting and he'd go back to cooking and getting ready for summer classes, and life would return to normal.

"Ah, fuck it," he said, and rolled over to kiss Dinah awake.

Normal was overrated.

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Momo's Valentine's Day flowers had been received and enjoyed. Mostly by the excitable red panda who stuck his snout into the blooms and then proceeded to spread their pollen all over the apartment.

Which would explain -- eventually -- how Priestly and his pansexual, polyromantic roommate Tia ended up on the couch, splitting a bottle of rum and a fair amount of spit while they waited for Dinah and her drunk friends to arrive.

Also, that pillow Stevesie had claimed was never going to be the same again.

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"Alright, Mr. Priestly," the doctor said, holding up a cast saw. "You ready to get this thing off you?"

"I cannot possibly express how much," Priestly said. "Do you have any idea how much these things itch?"

The doctor laughed. "Actually, I do. You'd be amazed how many pens and rulers and things end up under casts. Especially full leg ones." He gave Priestly a sharp look. "But you're too smart for that, right?"

"I am, but I can't promise my red panda didn't jam anything in there while I slept."

". . . What?"

"So, cast! Let's get that saw buzzing!"

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Priestly had spent ages preparing his outfit. Though he'd performed as "Sentience Freenik" a few times already, the Metronome's open mic drag night was kiiiind of a big deal in the drag community, and he was looking at it as Sentience's "coming out", as it were.

He certainly got plenty of double takes and strange looks as he, Dinah, Mark, and Tia walked to the club. Really, it was like they'd never seen a grown, bearded man wearing a bright yellow lacy dress before.

"Man," Mark said. "You look like you took a bath in blended canary."

Priestly stared at him. "That might be the most horrifying thing you've ever said to me."

"That can't possibly be true."

Tia smacked Mark upside the head. "I'm totally stealing that dress from you later," she said.

Priestly grinned. "Awww, thanks!"

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"I told you, man," Priestly said, leading the way into the spa. "There's no such thing as a city in America that doesn't have at least one sauna. It's basically a rule." He flipped over the little pamphlet. "This one apparently does infrared." He frowned a little at the slightly silly list of purported health benefits -- wound healing? really? -- then shrugged. So long as it was nice and warm. "Plus, private saunas. Don't have to worry about a bunch of sweaty old naked men." Which, you know, was always a bonus.

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Priestly tended to go a little extra scruffy in times of emotional stress. Especially ones like now, where he decided a good way to deal with it was to spend a long weekend out in a national park living in a tent and "communing with nature".

It seemed like a Trucker-y thing to do, okay? And when he tried to kill his best friend, following the presumed example of a former assassin turned hippie-peacenik seemed like a good plan.

Alas, he did not find peace in the desert. He found sunburn and a lot of sand and some spiny lizards and what he was reasonably certain was an old coyote campsite and very, very little water. Which, okay, yeah, desert, but. California had deserts, too! Admittedly, not very near to the coast, where he spent 98.763% of his time. There'd been a school trip to the desert once in middle school.

He hadn't much liked it then, either.

"Momo!" He called, hanging out in the doorway as he tried in vain to get a little more of the dust and sand out of his boots. "I'm back!"

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Priestly wasn't generally the sort to call out from a shift without being, like, dead or recovering therefrom (it was a little sad that he knew that about himself), but he'd've been sorely tempted to, today. As it was, most of the staff had commented that he looked "like shit on toast, dude" and a few customers had politely asked for a different server.

Yeah, it was the best day ever.

He tried not to rub at his eyes as he looked over the diner, keeping an eye out for one customer in particular and trying not to obviously look at the other customers who should be scattered about, laying low and ready to jump in if things went terribly.

He was not cut out for this sneaky stuff. After this, he was going somewhere where he didn't have to be sneaky at all for awhile.

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It'd taken Priestly a little longer than he'd thought to get all the ingredients together. It wasn't easy getting his hands on a poison he was sure was going to work and not just make Dinah sick. He finally found a stock of old fashioned rat poison at a shop down by the Narrows, which was sitting in a paper bag on the counter next to the rest of his cookie ingredients. Stevesie was twining happily between his legs as Priestly mixed everything together, nearly tripping him up, and he nudged him out of the way with his foot.

"Not now, man," he told the panda. "I'm doing a favor for my new girlfriend."

Having a new girlfriend was the best. All he had to do was get rid of Dinah in front of Barbara and they could live happily ever after!

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Priestly had never worked at a place as large as this diner before. It was a bit of an adjustment -- especially when you factored in going from managing Luke's in Fandom to being a lowly peon here -- but he liked his coworkers well enough, no one tried to stick things in his hair, and there were even a few regulars he'd gotten to know working the lunch counter on the days he didn't have afternoon classes. New Gotham was almost as full of lovable weirdoes as Santa Cruz had been, which was good, as they needed the lovable ones to balance out the criminally insane ones.

And, hey, if harmlessly flirting with the hot cougar who came in every now and then to order a late lunch to go for her and her "business associates" got him a bigger tip, that was even better. She liked to stop and chat for a bit while she waited for her order, and Priestly always kept her coffee full and the compliments running while she did. Carlos, the usual lunch time cook, liked to tease Priestly about how he had to keep his dates straight so Dinah wouldn't find out he was cheating on her with an old lady, but Priestly was so used to getting grief from the kitchen staff that he barely noticed.

He did kind of miss troubleshooting Fandom's occasional harmless jaunts into the surreal, though. A lunch rush just wasn't the same if you didn't have an eagle turning into a naked mayor at the counter.

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"Come on, Priestly!" Tia called through the door to Priestly's room. "You've gotta go out sometime!"

"I for one support Priestly's newfound interest in hermitage," Mark said. Tia ignored him with the ease borne of long practice.


The door cracked open, and Priestly peered out, Stevesie perched on his shoulders and peering over his head. "A) it's negative a billion degrees out. 2) the question mark guy is on the streets again. I'm not coming out until he's been arrested and it's spring."

Tia sighed. "You have classes."

"I can turn my assignments in online and the professors are video-podcasting the lectures."

"You have laundry," Tia tried.

"Not going outside means not needing clean clothes." Priestly smirked and started closing the door.

"I'm going to call Dinah on you!" Tia said quickly. The door stopped closing. After a moment, it opened up all the way.

"Dammit, Tia."

Tia smirked back, showing her phone in her hand, the screen already set to Dinah's number. "Come out and I won't have to." She looked him over and sighed. "And put some damn pants on."

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Hey, you've reached Priestly. Aren't you lucky! I'm not around to take your call, but you probably know what to do.

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"Okay," Mark said, sipping his beer. "But she's not your girlfriend?"

Priestly shook his head. "How is this so hard for people to understand?" he asked Tia. She shrugged, smirking.

"So she's available?" Mark asked.

"Don't rebound with a girl, Mark," Tia said. "You should date a guy, next."

Mark sighed and went back to sipping his beer.

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Saturday was Shebaday. What did that mean? Well, mostly it meant that she didn't work on Saturdays. Dean was on shift at the diner and she had zero classes, and she gave herself the day off from paperwork and homework, too.

She even, sometimes, gave herself the day off from cooking.

She loved cooking. Adored it. It was her art. But that didn't mean she didn't sometimes want to just sit in front of the TV and eat three bowls of Corn Pops with whole milk in a row. There was a Galaxy Quest marathon to watch (Netflix meant there was always a Galaxy Quest marathon to watch), plus she'd found a collection of Australian cartoons that promised to be oblique, impenetrable, or awesome, or potentially all of the above. And a documentary about life in rural Russia called "Happy People" that she'd been saving for a lazy day.

She threw the windows open wide, put on eyeliner despite not bothering to change out of her pajama pants, grabbed a carton of milk, a box of cereal, and a giant bottle of cranberry cocktail, and settled in for veg out. Stevesie even obliged her by curling up on her lap and eating the pops that spilled over the side of her bowl.

Shebaday was the best day ever.

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Priestly had woken up this morning his usual male self, gone about his business, decided to take a nice, leisurely evening shower, and came out female.

She didn't notice the difference.

She did notice that for some reason Stevesie had a panic attack when he saw her and was now pouting from under the kitchen table, but, well. He was Stevesie, and he did that sort of thing, so she didn't think much of it.

"Is this separation anxiety because Jane had to go home again?" she asked, peering down at the red panda. Stevesie chattered at her. She sighed, reaching for the bag of treats on the counter. Time to lure the panda out of hiding, again.

"You're lucky you're adorable," she said. "Or you'd've been a charming stole months ago."

She was actually totally anti-fur. She just had a particularly dark sense of humor.

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So Priestly's class today had been cancelled in honor of Columbus Day. Which would be why Priestly was sitting at the kitchen island with his laptop, composing a long winded, honestly kind of insufferably preachy email to his study group about how terrible Columbus really was.

Because what else was he going to do with a random day off? Accomplish things?


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Momoko had sent Priestly a package. He had the four cookies lined up on the kitchen island, and was looking at them suspiciously. He was proud of Momo -- she'd baked them all by herself! -- but he wasn't super sure he wanted to actually eat them.

Stevesie jumped up on the counter, nose in the air. Priestly would normally shoo him right back off, but, well, if he took a bite, maybe he could get a idea of how they were. Stevesie gave Priestly an expectant look, then seeming to realize he wasn't about to get shooed, stretched out a paw -- and snatched up the silver bracelet before dashing off.

"Really?" Priestly called after him. "Really?"

Well, there was always Dean.

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So apparently post-war on Dinah looked just a smidge clingy. Not that Priestly was objecting. Not even a little. He was still enjoying having her there and safe too much to worry about how much snuggling and petting was going on.

They'd marathoned Doctor Sexy yesterday, spent this evening watching bad kitchen reality shows, surrounded by junk food and soda (and veggies and water, because this was Priestly, here). Priestly had put several tiny braids in Dinah's hair and they'd done each other's nails, and then crashed out fairly early, Priestly steering Dinah over to the bed when she started falling asleep on the couch, reading a bit of Anthony Bourdain while serving as a body pillow before finally drifting off himself.

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Priestly was futzing. The apartment looked fine, he'd put away the liquor and all the empty bottles that were a natural result of living with Dean, the bed had fresh sheets on it, and there were fresh towels available if Dinah wanted to shower. He had more food than any two (or three or four or five) people could actually eat in a weekend, all set to make whatever it was Dinah might be interested in, and Dean had been warned of her impending arrival.

He was as prepared as he was going to be. So he was . . . futzing.

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Saturdaaaaay, wait. Sunday always comes to late! But Friday never hesitates. . . .

Also known as "Bella tries to pick only four Jennifer Lawrence gifs."

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